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Tradition states that in the area of Vitasta where today is the vineyard of G. Charalamboglou there was a large rock with a cave. There she found refuge a wolf that gave birth and raised her werewolves and became so familiar with the people that they considered her the guardian of their vineyards. Since then, the inhabitants gave the area the name Lykopetra and it revived in the wines of G. Charalamboglou cultivating his organic vineyards on the slopes of the rock.
Gold award at the 16th & 15th Berlin Wine Competition
Silver medal at the Thessaloniki International Wine Exhibition Detrop Oenos 2016


Sauvignon Blanc


White Dry Organic Wine 

Winemaking :

Pre-fermentation extraction at 8-10 ° C for 12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation under controlled conditions and temperatures 17-19 ° C.


Features :

Bright yellow color with green highlights. Aromas of citrus and white flowers, rich mouth with balanced acidity.


Cabernet Franc

Erythrophos Hyglycos  Wine


Glowing rose color. Aromatic notes of red fruit. Oily mouth and fruity aromatic aftertaste

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Red Dry Organic Wine 

Berliner Wine Trophy Gold Award


Features :

Aromatic complexity of small red fruits, black pepper and green pepper. 

The "austerity" of Cabernet Sauvignon is harmoniously complemented by the velvety texture of Merlot. Well-structured with vibrant tannins.

The wine matures in French oak barrels for 8 months.


Accompanies :

hunting, red meats, yellow cheeses. 

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