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Memories and dreams that danced over the rocky beaches and vineyards of Nicomedia in Asia Minor traveled with the refugees. They took root at the foot of Paggaios hills, in the area where myths, truths, and traditions say that the vineyard was cultivated since antiquity when Dionysus was worshipped.

Here the Charalaboglou family grafted Foulatziki with the coolness of Paggaio, with the waters of Aggitis, with the sun of Vitasta and revived the vineyards with much taste and more care.

Οινοποιείο Χαραλαμπόγλου, κάβα

In the basements of the winery, the wines are matured in oak barrels and the limited number of bottles is patiently reconciled with time.


Berliner Wein Trophy 2011

Gold medal for Lycopetra Red 2008


Berliner Wein Trophy 2012

Gold medal for Lycopetra Red 2009


Brussels World Championships 2013

Gold medal for Bstasis White 2012


Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2013

International Du Vin Competitions • Thessaloniki

Gold medal for Bstasis White 2012


Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2016

Silver medal for Lycopetra  White 2015

Οινοποιείο Χαραλαμπόγλου

George Charalaboglou unwrapped the thread with the grandparents 'stories about wines and tsipouro and weaved the wine road in the small vineyard, just 2 acres, of Nikolas' father. With effort, patience, and perseverance since 1977 the vineyard was spread on 150 acres of organic vine cultivation on the slopes of Paggaio in Krinida, Serres, Municipality of Amphipolis.  In 1999 he founded the wine bottling company and in 2003 the construction of the visitable winery inside the vineyard with a reception hall of state-of-the-art bottling machines began.

The visitor has the opportunity to tour and get to know the whole process of organic farming of the local and Greek varieties Koniaros, Assyrtiko, Mallagouzia, Moschato, Roditi, and the internationally known varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon which varieties are produced the corresponding wines of the estate.

Οινοποιείο Χαραλαμπόγλου, επισκέψιμο οινοποιείο, γευστικές δοκιμές

The certification of the winery with ISO 22000 and HACCP creates a relationship of absolute trust for the whole process of healthy winemaking and declares the excellent quality of the wine.

Berliner Wein Trophy
Berliner Wein Trophy
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