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Organic vineyards for quality wines

When life  offers you a gift

Memories and dreams danced above the rocky beaches and the vineyards of Nicomedia of Asia Minor. They traveled with the refugees and grew roots at the foot of Pangaion hills, in the area where myths, truths, and traditions whisper that the vine was cultivated since antiquity and Dionysus was worshiped.

celebrate every moment of your life with a fine wine from our estate

150 acres of organic vineyard 
cultivation on the slopes of Pangaion mountain

new name & label design for the line "Vitastianos", now "Bstasis"

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Our favorite Vitastianos product line has changed name & label! This year series is released with the new name Bstasis .

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A Vineyard of Organic Farming

Municipality of Amphipolis,

Krinida Serres - GR620 47, Greece
  T. +30 23240 91756

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