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organic farming  fine wines


When life offers you a gift

Memories and dreams danced over the rocky beaches and vineyards of Nicomedia in Asia Minor. They travelled with the refugees and took root at the foot of Pangaion hills, in the area where myths, truths and traditions whisper that the vine was cultivated since antiquity and Dionysus was worshipped.

Celebrate every moment of your life with fine wine from our estate

150 acres of organic
vine cultivation on the slopes of Paggaio


new label in the Vitastiano series - now Bstasis

Our favorite Vitastianos product line has changed its label! From this year the series is released under the new name Bstasis .

Instagram inspiration

Organic Vineyard
George N. Charalaboglou
Krinida of Serres, Municipality of Amfipolis
T.K. 620 47, tel. 23240 91756

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