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Bstasis Λευκός ξηρός οίνος

Sauvignon Blanc


White Dry Organic Wine 

Gold  Metal -  Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2013 in  Vitastianos of 2012

Gold metal -  Thessaloniki International Wine Competition 2013 at  Vitastianos of 2012


Winemaking :

Pre-fermentation extraction at 8-10 ° C for 12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation under controlled conditions and temperatures 17-19 ° C.


Features :

Bright yellow color with green highlights. Aromas of citrus and white flowers, rich mouth with balanced acidity.

Bstasis Ροζέ ξηρός οίνος


Cabernet Franc

Erythrophos Hyglycos  Wine


Glowing rose color. Aromatic notes of red fruit. Oily mouth and fruity aromatic aftertaste

Bstasis Ερυθρός ξηρό οίνος

Koeniariko,  Syrah,
Cabernet Franc

Red Dry Organic Wine 

Winemaking :

Pre-fermentation extraction for 3 days at 8 ° C. Alcoholic fermentation under controlled conditions. Maturation in French oak barrels for 10 months.


Features :

Deep purple color. Aromas of red fruit with notes of pepper and clove. Rich mouth with good duration and aftertaste.

We, the locals, used to refer to our area as Vitastas. Opinions differ as to why we owe this name, some argue that it owes its name to the Roman general Vito or to the second stop of the troops of Alexander the Great. According to the Macedonian Calendar (Macedonian Toponyms of Stelios Maraslis), the name "Vitasta" is rather Latin, like so many other villages and locations that the Romans left us in Macedonia from their occupation and stay in it. The name B stop (Bstasis) of this series is a reference to our place and history.
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