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Bstasis Λευκός ξηρός οίνος

Sauvignon Blanc


Dry White Organic Wine


Cold maceration at 8-10 ° C for 12h, alcoholic fermentation in low temperatures 17-19 ° C, followed by 3 months in stainless steel.


Clear, pale yellow color with notes of grapefruit and white flowers. Fullbodied, rich and good balanced acidity.

Bstasis Ροζέ ξηρός οίνος


Cabernet Franc

Rosé Semi-Sweet Wine


Bright pink color. Aromatic notes of red fruits and spices. Balanced in the mouth with fruity aftertaste.

Bstasis Ερυθρός ξηρό οίνος

Koniaros,  Syrah,

Cabernet Franc

Dry Red Organic Wine


Cold maceration at 8 ° C for 72h. Skin fermentation till dry, 10 months in French oak barrels.


Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits and black pepper. Full taste with long finish.

We, as indigenous referred to our region under the name Vitastas. There are opinions about where we owe this name, some claim that the name is after the Roman general Vito or because it is said that here was the second post of Alexander the Great's troops. According to the Macedonian Calendar (Macedonian Toponyms by Stelios Maraslis), the name "Vitasta" is probably Latin, like so many other villages and places names that the Romans inherited to Macedonia from their occupation and stay there. The Bstasis name of this series is a reference to our place and history.
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