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Our wine range Bstasis presents three bottles. Dry White deriving from the Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko varieties, dry red from the Greek Koniaros and the classic Syrah and Cabernet Franc varieties, and the lovely semi-sweet Rosé from the Syrah & Cabernet Franc varieties. White and Red are organic wines and all are Protected Geographical Indication Serres.

Bstasis white organic wine
Bstasis rose organic wine
Bstasis red organic wine
Λυκόπετρα Ερυθρός Οίνος
Λυκόπετρα Ροζέ Οίνος
Λυκόπετρα Λευκός Οίνος
Golden Award in the 15th & 16th Berliner Wine Trophy
Silver Award at the Concours International Du Vin • Thessaloniki, Greece 2016

The LYKOPETRA line of wines includes three bottles, White produced by the Chardonnay and the Greek variety Malagouzia, Rosé by Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Red by Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot varieties. These three wines are organic, extremely balanced and with rich aromas.

The "Charalamboglou Estate" line of products includes two bottles of red organic wines, each produced by a single vine variety, a Merlot and a Syrah.

Both have very rich taste and age in oak barrels.

Κτήμα Χαραλαμπόγλου Merlot-Syrah
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